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Do you need your  912 Porsche restorations done properly? Irv restorations does all kinds of old timer or young timer classic Porsche cars. With the best crew and only a few carefully selected car parts dealers your classic car Porsche 912 restoration will be done so good it will be as good as new modern cars. We do all sorts of work to these kinds of cars. From interior work like upholstery and refreshing the interior, to exterior work like bodywork, paintjob and making it look incredible again.

912 Porsche Restorations

We also do all sorts of maintenance on engine, transmission and drivetrain to make your Porsche drive like it just came out from the factory. All of this is done by our professional team of 20 people with more than twenty years of experience with working on classic cars with the specialty being old timer Porsche models such as Porsche 911, but we also specialize in Porsche 912 restoration, Porsche 356 and even some of the rarer models like 964, 2.7 MFI Carrera and 964 prototype. Here at Irv restoration, we don’t look at these classic cars just like a job that needs to be done, these cars are a passion of ours and we love seeing them go from scrapyard material to something that is showroom worthy. That is why we aren’t just locally known but are recognized all around the world as one of the best in business. So, if you are still thinking about it or have any questions about your beloved project don’t waste your time come over and visit our site where you will find all the necessary information needed to make the final decision and bring your classic car back to its former glory.