Remove Old And Damaged Trees From Your Yard

All About Removing Trees And Planting New Ones

If you have an old tree in your yard and want to remove it, you must not do so until you contact affordable tree removal Burnaby.

To remove an old or diseased tree, if it falls under the protection of the city, you must obtain a permit from your property. This permit can be issued to you by affordable tree removal Burnaby, if certain conditions are met. Some of these conditions are that the tree is sick, that the roots of the tree are damaging the underground utilities, that the tree is causing damage to the buildings located near it, etc. An inspection comes to make this assessment, and based on their expert assessment, you can get a logging permit or not.

Affordable Tree Removal Burnaby

One of the basic requirements to get a felling permit is to submit a request for tree replacement. Depending on the size of the tree you are cutting, the number of trees you must plant as a replacement will be determined. You can learn more about all of this at affordable tree removal Burnaby.

Of course you can’t plant the tree you want. There is a list of which trees can be substitutes, as well as what diameter the tree must be. Depending on the diameter of the tree you want to plant as a replacement, it will depend on how many trees you have to plant.

All types of hedges, as well as plants that grow in the form of bushes, will not be accepted as replacement trees. Topiaries are also considered as bushes, so their planting is not allowed.

If you have to or want to cut down a tree on your property, one click on affordable tree removal Burnaby is enough to find out everything you need.